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Replacement Windows

We offer every style of window—fixed, double hung, casement, sliding, architectural shapes– and a wealth of choices in glazing packages, colors and wood grains to meet your special preferences and requirements. Each window is assembled by skilled, experienced technicians under strict quality control.

Since we are the manufacturer and your warranty is with us, we are directly accountable to you. This is what we call single source accountability, and is what sets us apart from dealers and middleman who often side step responsibility to the customer.
Vinyl  Windows

Our high-technology fusion welding process creates a one-piece sash that gives Sterling Windows their exciting, clean, classic look. But behind this look is an incredibly strong, durable, energy-saving window. All corners of your Sterling window sash will be smooth, perfectly square and permanently weather-sealed. There are no openings where air or water can infiltrate. Fusion-welded construction is one of the keys to the outstanding performance of the Sterling Windows that will keep your home cozy and comfortable year-after-year. With Sterling Windows, cold or hot spots and drafts are eliminated! Disturbing outside noises are quieted. Room temperatures are efficiently maintained. Your home is transformed into a comfortable, quiet, pleasant retreat.

Just touch the release latch and your Sterling window's tilt-in sash swing in for easy cleaning. Our slider window sash lifts out and casement windows open a full 90° for quick indoor cleaning.

 The Sterling Window Difference

 Dura Guard Brochure
Fusion Welded Corners
are secure and weather tight

Die Cast Cam Locks
provide reliable locking and a weather tight seal

Flush Mount Tilt Latches
allow for a convenient cleaning from inside the home

Double Night Locks
permit secure ventilation

Constant Force Balance System
allows sashes to move freely with no adjustment needed

Heavy-Duty, Deep Pile Weather Stripping
with mylar fin provides exceptional resistance to air/water infiltration

Integral Lift Handles
for smooth operation

Compression Bulb Seal
adds protection against the elements

Multi-Chambered Foam Filled Vinyl Frame
for greater insulation and comfort

Beveled Exterior Frame
enhances curb appeal

Full Width Interlock Meeting Rails
creates a super-tight seal against air filtration and provides security

Double Paned 1" Insulated Glass 
produces optimal energy efficiency

Sloped Sill
facilitates easy water run off

Aluminum Screen
features fiberglass mesh to keep pests out
Installation Guide

 Your Windows Made Your Way

 Heavy-duty double weather stripping throughout the top and bottom sash provides tight continuous contact with the main frame year round, keeping out air, dust and moisture.

Heavy-duty sash balances are precisely calibrated for easy operation. The sash will stay at any height for ventilation. No more sticks or props to hold your windows open. Capped off with an attractive balance cover.

Strong aluminum screen frame and fiberglass screen, are easily removed from the inside. Available in solar screen for even more energy efficiency and comfort.

Sloped sill, the Thermal/SPACE is designed with a built-in slope sill. This allows our window to be installed in any type of opening and maintain quick water runoff.

Automatic positive locking system, double locks on top and bottom sash, locks as the sash is closed, for convenience, security and tight seal

Aluminum & Vinyl Thermal / SPACE Windows

Double Hung / Twin Double Hung

Fixed Picture Windows

2-Lite Slider/3-Lite Slider Windows

Refers to windows that are non-venting or inoperable. Can typically be larger than operating units. 
Sashes slide horizontally in a double-sliding window. Maximum ventilation and easy cleaning with swing-in style sliders configurations. 
In double-hung units, both sashes slide vertically. Both sashes should tilt-in for easing cleaning.

Casement Windows

Bay Windows

Garden Windows

A bay window is made up of three or more windows. The side or flanker units project out from the building in 30, 45, or 90 degree angles.
Designed to protrude from exterior walls to allow for a deep seat to house plants. Maximum sunlight via glass top. For ventilation the side glass opens. 
Ire extremely airtight and have internal screens. Casement windows project outward, providing significant ventilation..